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Mr. Curran's 4th grade class in Detroit, Michigan made some predictions after reading the first five chapters. They were asked "How do you think the Prince and the narrator will escape from the desert?" Read their responses HERE. And please leave a comment for us! Thank you!!!


1. Why was it so important to pull up the baobab plants?

2. The Little Prince thinks his war between the sheep and the baobabs is more important than the pilot fixing his plane. Which do you think is more serious and why?

Mrs. Kreul's 4th Grade class from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA created this great Wordle after they read the first 7 chapters.


Here is Mrs. Mogk's tagxedo using a picture of a baobab tree! We made this after having a very thought-provoking conversation about how the discussion about the baobab and "bad seeds" could apply to our own lives:

5th Grade students from Mitchell Elementary in Gadsden, AL share their drawings of the Baobab tree after discussing the importance of tending to the baobab seeds.

Wordle: The Little Prince

Teacher6th class predictions on Wordle-Enjoy!

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´╗┐More drawings of the Baobab tree from Mitchell Elementary