Main Events?

The author could not draw a picture. The prince came and talked to the author and they were really isolated. The author crashed in an airplane and landed in the desert.


The Little Prince will take the man to his homeland.

Mrs. WIlson's 4th Grade Class in Flint, Michigan Predicts that the man will fix his plane, and he will go to the home of the Little Prince.

Dawn's 5/6 class in Nova Scotia, Canada started the book today and here are their thoughts!


Mrs. Ripp's Class discussed the Grown Up Quote on this WallWisher - what do you think?
Mrs. Mogk's class from The Academy in Burleson, Texas thinks:
Casie - They don't have very good imaginations and they're too busy to think what we're thinking about.
Brianna - Grownups don't really care about having imagination a lot of times. They just care about doing stuff.
Cody - Grownups don't have time to think about their imagination because they're really busy.
Maddie - Some grownups really don't care about what you say. Some do. Not all.
Jaxon - Grownups have too much on their mind to think about what you're doing.
Annalise - Grownups think they have to be all strict and not have imagination.
Jacob - I think that grownups probably have imagination. I just think they don't have enough time to use it.


Did everything in the story actually happen to the man who wrote it? Why do you believe or disbelieve this?

List some things that are real and some that are not real.
REAL: The author drove airplanes. He was really isolated. He crashed in the desert. Someone really made fun of his drawing.
NOT REAL: A boa constrictor eating an elephant. No one could find a little boy in the desert who was thirsty or hungry.

Mr. Johnson's Grade 2 class made an Animoto

Mrs. Ripp's class drawings of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant

Gill-Ville's Glogster Poster about Chapter One
Boa Constrictors Digesting an Elephant

Tagxedo Elephant of Chapters 1 and 2 by Gill-Ville in Ontario, Canada


Mr. Curran's Class in Detroit, Michigan made a Voicethread of their pictures of a boa constrictor and an elephant...