Main Events?



What do you think about the Businessman?
He thinks he can own everything- Kendall
He was selfish- Brinae
He was eager- Anna
He thinks everything is about business- Abby
He's just like the king- Micah
He's telling the Little Prince a story by saying he could own everything- Johnathan
He's always bragging because he thinks he owns everything- Brooklin
He thinks his work is serious but all he does is put paper in drawers- McCayla
He's like the vain man- Symone


Mr. Fleming's Grade Two class' Animoto project answering the question "How does the Little Prince travel from planet to planet?"

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Inspired by Mr. Fleming's Class, the Gill-Villeans also created a Animoto project about the Little Prince's travels.

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Mrs. Burmeister's 4th Grade Class - Images of the Prince's travels.

Character Voki of the Business man by the students in Gill-Ville, Ontario, Canada

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Mr. Curran's class in Detroit, MI made a video: How The Little Prince Gets From Planet to Planet...

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Mrs. Wilson's 4th Grade class in Flint, Michigan made a VoiceThread about how The Little Prince gets from planet to planet..