Main Events?

The Little Prince tells us about the Baobab trees, if there are too many of them, they will crush the planet. We find out that the Little Prince comes from somewhere very small and the pilot thinks it is Asteroid B-612.




Fully Describe the appearance of the Little Prince.
He was tall compared to the asteroid he lived on. He was wearing a green suit. He didn't know many answers to questions.
He won't tell you much about where he comes from. He was very small and he teased the man a good bit. He likes to question people but doesn't like to answer questions. He only cares about getting answers to his own questions.
We don't know if he has a green suit because the narrator said he had a lot of different colors.

From where does the Little Prince come?
Asteroid B-612

What is it like there?
It was a very small asteroid. Everything was small. It was about the length of a house. Not a lot of people can fit on his planet. It is small enough he doesn't have to tie up his sheep.

How is the Little Prince like a child?
He looks and acts young. He laughed about the author "falling out of the sky". All he could think about was the sheep in the crate. He asked a lot of questions. He could see a sheep inside the crate and the elephant inside the boa constrictor. He gets on your nerves.

In what way did the author say he was a little like the Grown-Ups?
He couldn't draw like he used to. He had to have things explained to him. He can't see the sheep through the sides of the
crate. He didn't want to focus on just numbers. He doesn't really like numbers.

Tagxedo Crown of Chapters 3 & 4 by Gill-Ville in Ontario, Canada

We also used iPod touches to create lists of new or tricky words. Here are some screen shots of our work.

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